Admission in USA Universities & Colleges by ISS Global Education, USA. Admission in USA Universities & Colleges by ISS Global Education, USA. Admission in USA Universities & Colleges by ISS Global Education, USA.
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Admission in USA Universities & Colleges by ISS Global Education, USA

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An In-Depth Look at College Admissions

Admission Guidance

With the passing of the years, it is hard not to notice the steady increase in the number of college applications. This has pushed the acceptance rates of the most selective of schools to hit record lows.

What most college applicants need to understand is that, when it comes to getting accepted, there are factors other than the grades and the SAT scores, or TOEFL, ACT, etc., that matter. Oftentimes, admissions committees also consider the essays, letters of references, and admission interviews, among others.

Because of this lack of effort on the part of the college applicants to focus on the essays and such, the result can be quite catastrophic. With so much focus on the grades and perfect SAT scores, more and more students find themselves being rejected by Ivy League schools.

The Importance of College Admissions Consultant

As a college applicant, you might not really see the importance of having a College Admissions consultant.

In truth, however, as you make one of the biggest decisions in your life, a college admissions consultant can help you in selecting the right school for you depending on your needs and interest. Keep in mind that most people dropping out of college is caused by a bad fit between the school and the student.

Talking to a College Admissions Consultant can also prove to be a good help when trying to come up with a college admissions strategy. He or she would be able to help you highlight your strengthens and downplay your weaknesses. With that said, you have to make sure that the college admissions consultant that you would be choosing is knowledgeable in making customized strategies.
Admission in USA Universities & Colleges by ISS Global Education, USA.
Having a College Admissions Consultant is also a good idea when you are trying to come up with your admissions essay. You have to remember that admission essays are very important and have a grave impact on your college application. Your admission consultant should be able to help you come up with the right topic. He or she should also be able to proof and polish the draft that you would be doing.

Aside from admissions essay, your College Admission Consultant would also be able to help you come up with your own personal statement. He or she can also run through your application as well as help you answer the various admissions interview questions that would be thrown your way.

ISS GLOBAL EDUCATION offers students:

  • Conditional University Admission for students who are acceptable academically, except for the proficiency in the English language
  • Multiple choices to various universities are available to students in Australia, Canada and the United States
  • Selection of universities that will match the career goals and academic backgrounds of students
  • Recommendations to the best matches universities to students written by ISS GLOBAL EDUCATION expert professionals
  • Processing of documents and handling of students' applications and correspondences to the selected universities
  • Notification of conditional admissions and acceptance materials forwarded to students
  • Preparation of students for success in the university environment
ISS GLOBAL EDUCATION will help students in processing their applications through authorized counseling agents. The global network of ISS GLOBAL EDUCATION has trained authorized counseling agents that will help students in the application process. They will assess the English proficiency level of the applicant through pre-arrival examinations set by ISS GLOBAL EDUCATION. Then, the counseling agents will review academic credentials and confirm if the students' applications are complete and are ready for submission for university admission consideration. Here are the guidelines that must be followed for a successful application process:
  • Look for universities that will meet the academic and personal goals of students
  • Make an ISS GLOBAL EDUCATION Guide profile to save for university search results
  • Choose an ISS GLOBAL EDUCATION counseling agent within your country
  • Schedule a one-on-one advising appointment on the same day via Skype
The following documents are required in order to assess your academic qualifications and make the right university recommendations:
  • Open transcript of records with grade scale legend and should be sealed by the issuing institution
  • Graduation certificate or diploma, if any
  • Official bank letter or statement issued within the last six months that includes the account number, the name of the bearer in English and the balance stated in US dollars
  • Copy of passport picture page
  • Statement of purpose and/or personal statement
  • Resume for graduate student candidates
  • One letter of recommendation for undergraduate applications and two to three letters for graduate applications

Admission in USA Universities & Colleges by ISS Global Education, USA.

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